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Google Business Profile Optimization Case Study

New Case Study

We know you have been contacted by phone, email, social media and every outlet these folks can reach you on by marketing and SEO companies claiming they will get you on the first page of Google! Question, have any of those so called experts ever put their money where their mouth is?

LC Winford SEO & Web Design will be the first to do this for local companies in Sumner County, TN. We will offer our Google Business Profile Optimization Services to three local business that have a brick and mortar business not showing in one of the top three spots of Google business profile section.

This service normally starts at $500.00/Mo for small – medium sizes cities, and up to $1500/Mo for large and more competitive cities and counties.

What is a Google Business Profile (GBP)?

Check out this article for a explanation  of a Google Business Profile. To basically sum it up a GBP is a free tool Google offer small business to help grow their online presence.  We offer a service to optimize these profiles to show up in the top three spots when consumers are searching online for products and services your business offers.

Why do a Local Company Need a Google Business Profile?

A local company needs a Google Business Profile (GBP) to get in front of potential buyers and increase conversions. According to a recent Bright Local survey, 90% of consumers used the internet to find a local business between 2018 and 2019, with 33% looking every day. Additionally, 80% of local searches result in conversions, making local SEO optimization and having a GBP a crucial factor for businesses. Having a GBP ensures that a business is visible in local listings and helps potential customers find accurate information about the company, such as its hours, website, phone number, and location. While it may seem daunting to use an external medium like Google, having a GBP is crucial for increasing exposure, revenue, and potential sales for local businesses.

What are the Benefits of a Well Optimized Google Business Profile?

A well-optimized Google My Business profile can provide numerous benefits to businesses. Firstly, having a listing on Google My Business increases the chances of attracting potential customers for in-store visits by up to 70%, as well as pulling in up to 35% more clicks to the website. Additionally, optimizing your Business Profile can help improve engagement with potential customers, which is becoming increasingly important as more and more consumers enter and exit Google without visiting other search engine sites. Furthermore, a well-optimized Google Business Profile can help businesses showcase the best of their services or products, helping them reach more customers and stand out from competitors. In summary, a well-optimized Google My Business profile listing can provide businesses with increased visibility, engagement, and ultimately, more customers.

Now that you understand what a Google Business Profile is and the importance of optimizing your profile for more clicks, traffic, and phone calls. Here is our offer to three local Sumner County Businesses.

LC Winford SEO & Web Design will optimize three local businesses for only $99 the first month and you do not pay anything else until we have your profile in one of the top three positions in Google Maps. Once your business is in one of the top three positions you will then start paying us our regular monthly retainer that we agree upon to maintain the service and continue to grow your online presence.

We will also feature your business in our case study for our Google Business Profile Optimization Services. Which will give your business more online exposure.

If this is something that interest you, please fill out the form below:

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us via our contact form. Or give us a call a 615 606-2736

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